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It’s Ok

Amidst the busyness today, I tripped into a conversation with a friend with the simple question – how are you, really? And then sat quietly to listen to her share some personal struggles she’s dealing with right now.

And as we all do, we try to recount our blessings and gifts to guilt our way out of the feelings of loss and confusion. But it’s just not enough to move us from grieving over unexplainable setbacks. And instead of glossing over or discounting our feelings, we need to simply be ok to remain where we are, knowing that it’s not permanent and that it’s going to be ok, even when it’s not ok at this very moment.

These difficult days, weeks, months of contemplation and mourning of what’s not come or what’s not to be need to play out, to be felt, to be moved through. And when we begin the journey to the other side, we are changing and growing deeper into who we are and meant to be. Moved to our core, our very soul.

The most meaningful gift we can give each other is to stop, be present, listen fully and share that while we suffer at times individually, we are never alone. And when we allow tears to flow, the healing can begin. Everything can’t be explained in this moment. But faith and hope carry us and we can carry each other as well. And that’s enough and we’re enough. It’s ok.

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  1. Exactly!!

    February 4, 2015

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