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Wide, Sweet Spaces

“Where do we begin? Begin with the heart.” – Julian of Norwich

“Where do we begin? Begin with the heart.” – Julian of Norwich

“Lord, let not our souls be busy inns that have no room for thee or thine,
But quiet homes of prayer and praise, where thou mayest find fit company,
Where the needful cares of life are wisely ordered and put away,
And wide, sweet spaces kept for thee; where holy thoughts pass up and down
And fervent longings watch and wait thy coming.”― Julian of Norwich

Beyond the noise
Beneath the surface
Around the corner
Under your feet
Above your head
Surrounding you
Holding you
Carrying you
Go there
Right next to, around and in you
Start with the heart
Journey with and to the soul
Returning, undeterred, home
Fullness, light, hope, joy, peace, love
Spend time each day here
Choose to stay longer
Make room at the inn
Then move into the world from this place
Newness of spirit
Sight to vision
Wide, sweet spaces

“The fullness of joy is to behold God in everything.
God is the ground, the substance,
the teaching, the teacher,
the purpose, and the reward for which every soul labors.” – Julian of Norwich

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