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Finish Lines

“To finish the moment, to find the journey’s end in every step of the road, to live the greatest number of good hours, is wisdom.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This week wraps up a variety of “finish lines” on many fronts.  On the final stretch, I am getting my second wind with the finish line in sight, a bit tired. Our days are made up of little defeats and little victories and sometimes it feels like we are spinning our wheels with no forward progress. But all of these moments build on each other, testing our resolve, building our patience, defining our character. As we bounce from one “race” to the next, pause, if only for a moment, to celebrate the wins, the finish lines.

“All endeavor calls for the ability to tramp the last mile, shape the last plan, endure the last hours toil. The fight to the finish spirit is the one… characteristic we must possess if we are to face the future as finishers.” – Henry David Thoreau

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  1. I’ll keep this one handy! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    October 24, 2012
  2. Wonderful, inspiring, strengthening quotes! Thank you to you and to Mr. Thoreau, especially.

    October 24, 2012
  3. Thanks

    November 22, 2012

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