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The Cusp

“From the math of ordinary time, it seems we falter repeatedly, always off course. But this is how life uncovers us. It’s a beautiful journey that no preparation can avoid, that no learning can imitate. We begin with an irreplaceable trust and are sent into the amazing race the world has to offer, thinking there are more valuable destinations we can’t live without, only to land where we began.” – Mark Nepo, The Endless Practice

New Year’s Eve – the cusp of new beginnings filled with resolutions, good intentions, plans, moving on, hopes, dreams and “this year’s going to be different.” Looking back at this last year, most of it was unpredictable and “not in my plans.” A lot of it was struggling with family health issues and work intensity. And weaved through it all, that I often missed at the time, was joy, laughter, growth and love. What begins as a burden slowly then suddenly transforms into a blessing. Burdens always precede blessings.

Woody Allen’s quote comes to mind, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” Our plans are linear, a straight line from Point A to Point B. But life enters and the dimensional, winding and detoured journey ensues. And the crux of the struggle is in our clinging desperately to the linear rather than releasing to the current and flow of life.

So resolutions for next year?
Work and play hard, always do but more importantly BE my best;
Pray harder, accept the answer;
Trust deeper, let faith take hold;
Be more open than closed, risk hurt;
Love more, without strings;
Plan to be surprised, invite awe and wonder in;
Slow down, enjoy the view;
Be present each day, that’s all we are promised;
See, really see, all the beauty, in people and places;
Be grateful and kind, show and share it.

Simply put, let God’s plans unfold and cast light.

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  1. Gentle post. Wonderful. Happy New Year.

    December 31, 2015
  2. Amen to that. Happy New Year

    December 31, 2015
  3. Thank you for your inspirations over the past year. May the new year be filled with love, light and lightness … as well as those great intentions!

    December 31, 2015
    • Thank you and to a year filled with blessings that we recognize while we are in them.

      December 31, 2015

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