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At the Border

“What delights us in visible beauty is the invisible.” – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

“We are told by those who have studied the processes of nature that creativity happens at the border between chaos and order. Chaos is a prelude to creativity. We need to learn, as every artist needs to learn, to live with chaos and indeed to dance with it as we listen to it and attempt some ordering. Artists wrestle with chaos, take it apart, deconstruct and reconstruct from it. Accept the challenge to convert chaos into some kind of order, respecting the timing of it all, not pushing beyond what is possible—combining holy patience with holy impatience – that is the role of the artist.”― Matthew Fox, Creativity


A potpourri of flavor, color, beauty, mystery
Thresholds and passages
Taking shape and form
Flowing together anew
Fragments, made whole and holy
Participate, observe, listen
The dance of chaos to order, order to chaos
Growth and fruition.

“Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world seek each other so that the world may come to being.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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