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Out of the Nest

“The magic of each day lives in the unknown. It’s waking up as one person, and accepting that when night falls, we may be someone else entirely. So, when you ask what my story is, forgive me—-I’m not quite sure yet.”― J. Raymond

“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.”― Pema Chödrön

In the ordinary, may you glimpse the expanse and depth of being alive.
In the doing, may you pause to see the being behind the doing.
In the slowing, may you be surprised and delighted by what already is present.
In the lingering, may you root in the necessary and untether the rest.
Out of the nest.
Find your wings.
Flight to the sky.

“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.”― Pema Chödrön

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